FTLY Glossary

Throughout the comic, you may notice some words that don't seem to make any sense, or words that are used in a different context than what you're used to.  These may be Japanese words, spell words, or just words that are untranslatable from the languages of Wyrd.  This glossary should help you out a bit. ^_^


Yaoi- (Yah-oh-ee, Yow-ee) A Japanese slang term that describes male/male relationships in anime or manga.  Not to be confused with Slash, which is the same thing, only in Western or American art/shows/stories/etc.  Technically, since FTLY is made in America, it should be called For the Love of Slash... but, since I draw in anime style, I think I can get away with calling it yaoi. ^_~

Yuri- (Yoo-ree) Same as Yaoi, only describing female/female relationships.  

Seme- (Seh-may) The dominant person in a yaoi relationship.

Uke- (Oo-kay) The submissive person in a yaoi relationship.

Wyrd- (Weird) The name of the world that Tristyn, Pader, and most of the other FTLY characters live.  (See other section for more details.)

Kenaz- (Keh-nahz) A continent on Wyrd.

Liqueur- (Lih-coohr) The continent in Wyrd where most of FTLY takes place.  Also the smallest continent in Wyrd, where all the cities are named after some kind of alcoholic beverage. ^_^

Demon-  (Dee-mohn) Term given to any of several species of "demon", creatures that are born without physical bodies and reproduce asexually.  For those that take on physical bodies later in life, they can choose whether to be male,  female, or neuter.  (See the section on Wyrd for more information on species.)

Acantha- (Ah-can-thah) A magical tattoo that, when worn, gives the bearer the ability to sap magical energy from other people during sex.  Tattoo resembles a vine of flames that winds around the arms, crescent moons and three stars on each palm, and a nine-pointed star on the back of each hand.  The tattoo is rendered in black, blood red, and indigo.  There is a drawback to wearing the Acantha, however...