The World of Wyrd

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        Wyrd is the world on which FTLY takes place.  It is a land much like other lands one finds in fantasy novels and role-playing games, with lots of magic and little technology.  Much of the landscape and vegetation resembles medieval Europe, and in some parts ancient Asia.  There are creatures like the ones here on Earth, as well as the standard RPG/fantasy creatures, and a few creatures that nobody's heard of anywhere else.  Wyrd is technically in a parallel universe to Earth, sharing the same space on a slightly different wavelength.  Thus, there are horses and cats and humans on Wyrd just like there are on Earth.  Several different sentient races live on Wyrd, and are for the most part integrated and harmonious among each other.  There are, of course, still conflicts, but these are usually small.  There hasn't been a real war in Wyrd for over 2,000 years. 

    Wyrd is divided into seven main continents, like Earth, but these continents look rather different from the ones on Earth. (I'll draw a map eventually... ^_^)


        Sentient Races: