For the Love of Yaoi

by Maria Lorimer


Welcome to FTLY, a romantic/comedy/adventure that takes place in Wyrd™, your standard D&D world... with a twist, of course.  Amorous elves, jealous demons, and even a cute mascot are to be found on this most unusual journey...

On Hiatus until Further Notice--See News box for more details.
  Overall, this comic is rated around PG-13 for mild language, violence, partial nudity, and some sexual content.  There may be a couple of R or NC-17 rated pages in the future.  If you don't know what "yaoi" is, read the
Glossary page.

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Thursday , October 12 , 2006

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Updates:  5/28/05

     Comic is on hiatus until I sort things out in my life.  Currently running on less than five hours of sleep most nights, as I work late and have early morning classes.  Will be moving by the end of June, and will be graduating in December.  If I don't update before then, I'll see about picking up the comic after graduation.  Maybe I'll have some spare time then.

In the meantime, I'm going to see about moving to my own website where I can archive FTLY in a more organized fashion.  May take some time, but I have a multimedia class next quarter that requires me to build a website anyway.  I'll see if building a site for a webcomic would be allowed.  Still considering the novel adaptation of FTLY as well, though I've barely started the revision process.  Will keep the Yahoo!group posted should any developments arise.

Thanks to everyone who reads FTLY, and who has shown their support for me these past four years.  I appreciate it, and I apologize for not finishing this properly before putting it down for an indefinite amount of time.

   Star from the FTLY group created a lovely shrine to my little comic, where she is archiving fanart and fanfiction.  Check it out here! 

The Bad News:

My little sister died on January 14th, 2004, three days before her 18th birthday.  She was hit and killed by a car on the highway in Blaine, MN.  It's been over a year now, but things are still pretty rough.  We still don't have a gravestone for her or anything.  Updates may be sporadic, and I'll probably go on hiatus more often while I deal with more important things.  

For more info on updates and whatnot, keep an eye on my LIVE JOURNAL.  

That's the best way to know what I'm up to, really.


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